An exquisite drink is the perfect accompaniment to life's celebrations. For weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, holidays and more, Cocktails in Motion will be there to ensure that your day, and your drink, are fit to be remembered.


Our full bar service is designed to make your experience fun, flawless and stress-free.

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Cocktails in Motion brings the finest craft cocktails and bar hospitality to events in the New York Area. Our complete service includes; a staff of bartenders from New York’s top cocktail bars, menu planning with signature cocktails, fresh, seasonal and handmade ingredients, private pre-event tastings, rentals & logistics,and everything else needed for the bar from start to finish. Cocktails in Motion caters all types of events, from intimate in-home dinner parties to multi-day events with thousands of guests.

Partners Jason Mendenhall and Brian Hawthorne own and operate two highly regarded East Village cocktail bars — The Wayland and Goodnight Sonny — both known for their welcoming atmosphere and great drinks. We translate the same qualities to catering events. We look forward to meeting you for a drink, at one of our places or at yours. Cheers!



In partnership with Executive Chef Chad Shaner of Endless Hospitality Group, Cocktails in Motion offers exquisite seasonal fare for events. Mr. Shaner’s menus are designed to complete the perfect cocktail party experience featuring foods that are flavorful, beautiful, and easy to enjoy in a lively setting. We serve appetizer trays, passed canapés and full meals — please inquire for our current selections. As with our bar service, Cocktails in Motion handles all staffing, rentals and logistics so your experience is hassle free.


Cocktails in Motion specializes in providing craft cocktails for events in the New York Area. Using only the finest spirits and freshest seasonal ingredients we create unique menus of signature drinks served with carefully selected beer, wine and spirits. We cater parties ranging from intimate in-home dinner parties to multi-day festivals with thousands of guests. 

Our service includes everything needed for the bar including; all liquors and ingredients, staffing, rentals, permits & insurance and private pre-event tastings to create recipes just for you.

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Perfect drinks for your perfect day...

Choosing a vendor for your wedding is an important decision -- with that in mind we offer pre-wedding tastings in which we develop recipes for your special day with along with your wedding planner or a few friends. We aim to create cocktails that will reflect the newlyweds' taste, feature the best flavors of the season, and keep the party lively until late in the evening. The recipes we develop are yours to use with no further commitment, but we expect you will decide to invite Cocktails in Motion to bring your dream bar to life on your special day.

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Cocktails in Motion offers a range of consulting services for bars, restaurants, liquor brands and media. We can provide; cocktail recipe creation, bar design and setup, hiring & training, business management & cost control, styling for photo shoots and PR strategy advice. Contact us if you are looking to elevate your bar program or increase your product's reach with exquisite new cocktails and media.



Partners Jason Mendenhall and Brian Hawthorne share a passion for great drinks and genuine hospitality. They founded Cocktails in Motion to bring the best in craft cocktails and bar service to any location without compromising the quality—or fun—of a night out at a great bar. In partnership with chef Robert Ceraso, they own and operate two highly regarded East Village cocktail bars, The Wayland and Goodnight Sonny, where their work is on display seven nights a week.


Jason has a background in design as well as hospitality, and he co-designed his four Manhattan bars (The Wayland, Goodnight Sonny, The Wild Son & The Lost Lady). His eye for aesthetics influences everything we do at Cocktails in Motion from the look of our custom mobile bars to the presentation of our drinks. Outside work he is an avid surfer, music lover and is somewhere in the process of restoring a '68 Mustang.

Brian is known for his adventurous palate and love of fresh, seasonal flavors -- and for incorporating both into delicious cocktails. He finds inspiration in New York's vibrant culinary scene, the NYC Greenmarket, and the wild berries and mushrooms he finds on yearly trips to his native Minnesota. On occasional nights away from the bars you can catch him as the lead singer and guitarist of the rock 'n' roll band Hawthorne.

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